About Us

The demands placed on foodservice facilities within the various market sectors have never been more diverse or sophisticated than into today’s economic climate. Greater variety, quality, flexibility and price value are the key drivers for clients building costly onsite facilities.

Foodservice Facilities must be developed to satisfy the varying needs of the population i.e. “Quick Grab & Go” options, early morning and late evening options to suit shift patterns,  special dietary requirements, creation of relaxing areas to meet and network with friends, families or fellow colleagues , education seminar, conference and training spaces. The list is endless in such  diverse environments.

Chapel Foodservice Consultants understand these goals. We draw on our years of experience in all sectors of the Foodservice and Hospitality industry to work with our clients to create and develop innovative solutions to their foodservice needs.

We bring ideas and solutions to the Client, but only after having listened carefully, observed thoroughly and identified the important objectives. Our plans and recommendations are shaped entirely to meet the clients’ needs.